Winter Shroud

snow against window


day after day
layer upon layer
snow blankets the ground
cold chilling the bones

frosted window
burying future hopes
beneath a white shroud
Mother Nature’s frigid grasp
killing spring’s new life

snowdriftSadly, this latest polar vortex is having a horrible impact on farmers’ livestock.  This is the calving season, and it’s nearly impossible to have calves survive when they are born in this horrible cold.  My Norma Jean is due any day, but I’ve told her to keep her legs crossed and tail down for another week.  I hope she listens.

Sharing at the open link for Real Toads.

Eskimo without Snow

The Out of Standard challenge at Real Toads today is to write a poem using the word Eskimo without any reference to snow.

my mother’s heart
warms with love
at Eskimo kisses
waking me early
Christmas morning,
snuggles and hugs,
the perfect start
for a day devoted to
family and faith


The First Snow

It’s been a while since I joined in the fun at Haiku Heights.  This week’s topic is seven.  I’m also sharing with d’Verse Poets for the open link


fat snowflakes falling
multiplies, covering grass
autumn surrenders

Snow Leaf

seven o’clock comes
bringing cold, snowy weather
winter takes over


I also want to complain about trying to take a picture with my phone.  I stink at it.